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National Shrine of the Little Flower Royal Oak, MI

August 28, 2011 9:00am Mass

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National Shrine of the Little Flower


Unique is what comes to mind and I have now seen a few unique churches.  Not even close to set up like a traditional church.  First, the Altar is in the middle of the church surrounded by the seating.  The seating are wood benches with padded kneelers..

For the inside structure, picture and octagon.  Ok, so it is not 8 different sides, it is 12.  Each segment has three stories.  The first story is for seating and alcoves.  Saints are housed here.  The second floor is the balcony.  There is seating there and lots more!  Also, there are two huge screens for Church Karaoke.  The theird story is all stained glass windows.  They are all a bluish, purple.

The ceiling while high, has some simple graphics but is nothing awe inspiring.  All these components lead to a quiet inside with very little external light.  The 1st two stories have windows where the sun can come in.  The music playes are against one of the segments behind the altar.  The walls are all made out of stone but looks very nice and smooth.

Above the altar is a small cross with Jesus on it being crucified.


Father started off the statement that race car drivers say put the petal to the metal and steer left.  This is what the gospel today says.  We are not called to a life of ease.  In the first gospel that is what Jeremiah finds out.  Same for us.  Do not conform yourself to our age which is the second reading’s message.

Last wee Peter was made the leader of the church and today he protests it!  Jesus says “Get behind me Satan!”  We have this today – get rid of your desire for success, security, and self-indulgence.  This is NOT easy nor was it meant to be.  We entrust all to God.  Mass is NOT a ritual – it is a recommunion with God.  The world thinks our rituals and sacraments do not matter.  They do not understand.  The world says our rituals are foolish.  The world tells us abuse of sex, drugs, is not that bad.  The use of contraception is OK.  This is all of our Cross.

We need to make the sacrifice.  We need to face our cross with Christ with self control.  Jeremiah rose to the challenge.  Peter had doubts, he sinned, he betrayed our Lord.  But he still and always followed Christ.  Is this our script.  Peter failed, sinned, but he still kept following Jesus as he did and if we do the same, our success is straight ahead.


There were two Priests and at least two altar girls.  Both Father’s were in their late 50’s.


Singer, piano, with a small chior.  Traditional music.  Singer had a very nice voice.


The church is medium to large – did not get a count.  I would say that the church was 95% full.  Nice turnout for end of summer.

Member Makeup

All white with families and ages that were all over the place..

The Lord’s Prayer

No one held hands except families and it was sung.

Stations of the Cross

Beautiful brass engravings.  In addition there was a station of the cross outside in a rectangular “park”.  Very nice.





During the reception of the bread and wine and through the blessing – the lights were dimmed significantly.  When we went to receive and share peace with others, the lights were brought back up.

 This is a very unique table.  Bring 12 of your friends and sit down!

Final Thoughts

This is another beautiful church with a thriving community.  This church is a pillar in the community and is well-known.  Everyone was very nicely dressed – except me – so I was a tad embarrassed. But you can feel the community in that church.

Father’s message was challenging today.  He definitely set up an US against the world.  It would have been even more effective if he came out from behind the podium.  I’m not sure I liked the message but it was effective.

What I did like was how Father “framed” Peter’s life.  Wow.  One definitely felt after the diatribe on Peter – YOU could follow in Christ and that there was still hope.

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